Ayurveda means “the science” or “knowledge of life”.  It is a system of medicine from India that has been practiced for over 5000 years and is the sister science to yoga.  Ayurveda defines perfect health as the balance between body, mind, spirit and environment.  Therefore, the goal of Ayurveda is to maintain the balance of all those elements.  When any one of those elements are out of balance, disease can occur.  It is a unique system that recognizes we are all different and need to be treated as such.  Diagnosis and treatment focus on the individual and getting to the root cause of the problem. It achieves this through what Ayurveda calls a person’s dosha or constitution.  Our dosha is the blueprint we are born with which cannot be changed but can be modified.  The dosha's are energies referred to as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. If we are stressed, eat the wrong foods, are unhappy with our life and relationships, think negative thoughts and abuse our bodies, our dosha will be out of balance.  Therefore, we will need to make adjustments to bring the body and mind back to a state of balance.  This is achieved through proper diet, body treatments, daily routines, meditation, herbs, proper breathing, yoga, aromatherapy and paying attention to our senses and environment.

Ayurveda encompasses various techniques for assessing health.  Each client is carefully evaluated for illness as well as the root cause of that illness.  The initial session can take from 60- 90 minutes as discussion and questioning is the key to discovering the imbalance.  Other methods used to determine imbalance include the pulse and tongue diagnosis, observing the eyes and physical body as well as the tone and structure of the voice.

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