Aromatherapy – More Than Just Good Scents!

by Maria Tabone March 28, 2012

Far beyond being pleasing to smell, essential oils are very under rated in terms of what they offer as a healing modality. They are a gift from nature and have great healing power. Inhaling or applying a certain essential oil can improve your health tremendously. Your smell receptors are direct extensions to the part of your brain called the hypothalamus which connects your emotional brain, called the limbic system, so smell is linked to your emotions, behavior and memory. When applied topically essential oils penetrate the skin to the cellular level for healing. They can help anxiety and depression, relieve pain, give you more energy, treat your skin, and even help with a stomach ache. You can even clean your house in a natural, safe, non-toxic way by mixing a few ingredients with a fragrant essential oil. Many studies have been conducted on the effect of essential oils on physical and emotional healing. One study discovered that lavender increased the time you spend in a deep sleep. Lemon and orange essential oil can help with depression. Eucalyptus is known for its respiratory effects, easing congestion and fighting viruses and bacteria. Eucalyptus also eases muscle and joint aches and pains by increasing blood flow and circulation. Geranium oil has long been studied for its effect on balancing hormones. This is a must have oil for every woman.

When you are buying an essential oil you need to do your homework. Not all oils are created equal. You never want to put a “fragrance oil” on your skin. Most of the fragrance room sprays that you buy are made with toxic chemicals as are candles. You want to buy 100% essential oils. If they are food grade, (which means you can ingest them) even better. That tells you that the oil is good quality. I have been working with essential oils for many years and make various blends for clients. I recommend anytime you have a massage that you get an aromatherapy massage or bring your own oil for the massage therapist to use. It can be calming oil like lavender, rose or frankincense or if you have body aches, bring some eucalyptus, clove or rosemary. Feeling depressed……buy some lemon, orange or grapefruit oil. I suggest these oils be a staple in what I call your “health cabinet.”

So do take time to stop and smell the roses or the lavender or the aroma of the great outdoors.  Its just another gift we get from nature!


Maria Tabone
Maria Tabone


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