Do You Have a Child With a Chronic Illness…Autism, ADHD, Allergies or Asthma? There is hope….

by Maria Tabone June 07, 2016

Why are so many children diagnosed with ADHD, autism spectrum disorder, allergies, anxiety and other chronic diseases?    Maybe it’s time consider a different approach to children’s health with a system and process that looks at why these problems are occurring and how to reverse them. This leads me to tell you about an event I attended last night for “The Documenting Hope Project” led by Beth Lambert. The Documenting Hope Project is following 14 children affected by chronic disease and their journey back to health by looking at every aspect of their lifestyle from food to environmental toxins.  This movie plans to give real evidence as opposed to the endless anecdotal stories you can find on the internet.  If you have a child who is dealing with a chronic illness and would like more information go to their website  It is a great resource for parents that don’t know where to turn when their child receives a diagnosis as well as helping them on a path to recovery.  You can also check out Beths other website  It is full of resources and is extremely informative. Kudos to Beth and her team!

Here is a link to a trailer for the film:

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Maria Tabone
Maria Tabone


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