Maitake Mushrooms! Health Warriors

by Maria Tabone August 15, 2016

maitakeThe most common mushroom is the button or white mushroom. Unfortunately it contains natural carcinogens and I encourage you to stay away from it.  There are many other great varieties to try which have better flavor and great health benefits. One of those is the maitake mushroom. It’s also referred to as “hen of the woods” because it looks like a nesting hen with many feathers.

I LOVE Maitake mushrooms.  I buy them fresh at my farmers market every Sunday. Once in a while my local Wholefoods carries them.  They are packed with health benefits.  Some studies show (Kuboet al., 1994; Konno et al., 2001Preuss et al., 2007Lo et al., 2008) that they have a positive effect on glucose levels.  Maitake mushrooms have anticancer and antiviral properties and may help lower blood pressure.  I love them simply sautéed with garlic and oil or ghee and a hint of Braggs Liquid Amino or Tamari. They are also great for mushroom soup, with pasta or sautéed with other vegetables.  AS we begin to ease into the cooler whether it helps to have a little immune boosting help and these are just the prescription!

Maria Tabone
Maria Tabone


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