The Great GMO Cover Up

by Maria Tabone March 24, 2016

Below is a really important article. More and more research is being presented on the dangers of GMO’s.  If you have children or are planning on it please read on.

Do your best to buy as much organic non-processed food as possible especially dairy, vegetables and fruit.  You can read my blog article about which the most important items to buy organic.  If you eat red meat buy grass-fed.

You can also buy local as the farmers markets are starting up again soon.  Ask your farmer if they spray and what they use. Food is medicine and what you put in your mouth matters to the state of your health and your families health today and down the road.  In addition don’t forget that many of you are also spraying these toxic chemicals on your lawn.  Let nature take its course and go and weed your garden…..the exercise will also help you live longer!

Yours in health,


Maria Tabone
Maria Tabone


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