The Most Important Resolution

by Maria Tabone January 20, 2015

As we begin another year we also begin making resolutions for things we want to change in our lives. The resolutions at the top of everyone’s lists are to lose weight and exercise more. The number of shows on weight loss are overwhelming. Yet, most people give up their resolutions after about 3 weeks. Maybe there is a bigger issue here. Why don’t we respect and take care of our bodies all year long? We have one life and one body. Some people take better care of their cars than themselves. You change your oil, take it for a tune-up, rotate the tires, make sure it has enough washer fluid and treat the car with care so the battery doesn’t die. Think of yourself that way too! You need to detox and energize your body with healthy foods, drink proper amounts of good quality water, more your body so your inner battery doesn’t get weak and lose power. We can be so focused when we want something such as a new car, house or even a new handbag, however, without good health you can’t enjoy any of them! Our health should be the number one importance all year long and neglecting it with unhealthy food and not exercising says that we are not putting ourselves first. Many diseases known as “lifestyle disease” such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure and type II diabetes can all be controlled with changes that do not involve taking any medication. We also know now that our genes are only a tiny piece of the puzzle and lifestyle plays more of a role in our health than genetics.

In addition, and just as important as caring for our body, is caring for our minds. A cluttered mind can cause depression and anxiety and long periods of stress causes physical ailments. Relaxing the mind helps us to clear the cobwebs and think through our problems so we can make necessary changes. Society is so distracted every minute by technology – and while technology is great it has turned everyone into robots that are unable to sit still for 5 minutes. This is the downside of social media. The best thing we can do for our minds is meditate. Even starting with 10 minutes a day of sitting in silence and either focusing on your breath or gazing at an object can have a profound effect on your health. It doesn’t have to be complicated and you don’t have to sit cross legged on the floor for hours. I start my clients with 10 minutes of meditation and 10 minutes of yoga. Like anything else in life you have to practice it every day to achieve results. If you give yourself this gift and put yourself first (that’s for all the women reading this) you will be on the road to not needing resolutions anymore. Once your mind is in a calmer more focused state of awareness, caring for yourself will be a part of your life. If you feel you need help there are many great meditation classes for beginners. So the message here is to clear your mind and just commit to loving and nurturing yourself. Once you send yourself some love you will no longer feel the need to abuse your body with unhealthy food while you are sitting on the couch texting or checking Facebook and contributing to a cluttered mind.

Happy New Year!

Maria Tabone
Maria Tabone


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