Spiritual or Material?

by Maria Tabone August 01, 2014

I was in the middle of a yoga class and a cell phone rang – and a woman actually
answered it! By the conversation we could tell it clearly was not an urgent call, but
until the instructor asked her to go out of the room she stood among us. The instructor
then gave a mini talk at the end of class about not judging, but thinking mindfully about
why we were there and why we practice yoga and meditation. It’s easy to post mantras
and sayings online and it’s become very hip to be “spiritual”. Yoga has become big
business. Women are now decked out in their lulu lemon attire and going to India has become
the new “must do”…however, as much as a trip to India is wonderful, it should be for
the experience and not for the status or to impress. Spiritual thought leaders and various
inspirational speakers are telling us all how to live a better, more extraordinary life.
Our society has become so focused on doing whatever is in fashion, or following someone
who is going to show you the way that they forget who they themselves are. It’s easy to be led,
or misled, to believe the grass is always greener. You may be having a wonderful life and just haven’t stopped to realize it – because you are too busy trying to buy that “mcmansion” or luxury car while pondering the “lack of” in your life instead of all the good stuff and simple things. Not to say we cannot acquire wisdom from the voice of experience or wealth of knowledge that some brilliant speakers possess. If someone’s words can change your life then of course it’s worth the listen. Back to India for a second…remember, you can be spiritual anywhere. Remember that it’s your everyday deeds of kindness and your compassion towards others that will get you closer to a higher power, or your God, or your Divine, etc. not lulu lemon tights. I will close with a comment from Russell Brand when someone asked him how he thinks the world could be a better place. His response…..”just be nice.”

wishing you peace of mind,

Maria Tabone
Maria Tabone

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