Calm & Balancing

Ingredients: essential oils of: organic lavandin super (lavandula x intermedia), rose de mai (rosa centifolia), jasmine (jasmine polyanthum), neroli (citrus aurantium v amara), organic jojoba oil

I developed this blend from some of my favorite essential oils.  I wanted something calming and balancing that could also serve as a fragrance to wear all day.  Rose, Neroli, and Jasmine are three of the most expensive essential oils due to the number of flowers/buds that are required to yield a very small amount of oil.  Rose flowers, Jasmine buds, and Neroli flowers (made from the bitter orange tree) must be harvested using a delicate process at particular times of the year and day.

Rose is a lovely balancing oil.  It soothes the heart and helps heal grief so that one can move forward and be present in life. It also calms inflammatory emotions such as rage and anger.

Lavandin is a hybrid of two different species of lavender and is more effective than regular lavender for calming anxiety.

Neroli is a citrus oil.  Citrus oils are known to be very uplifting, and effective for depression, grief, and sadness.

Jasmine is an intoxicating scent that enhances feelings of love and romance. It lifts the mood and helps calm stress, anxiety, and anger.